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Lovin' Life

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Monday, August 9, 2010

And the Thunder Rolls

This is our favorite picture

We have been having some crazy thunder and lightening storms the last few weeks, and of course Jeff and I took advantage of it. We love thunder and lightening! We were able to sit outside on our porch to watch and listen to the pounding sounds roll close! You know the second rule, well before we would even start counting the lightening would strike. Ya, that's right the storm was right at our back door! We snapped some photos of the night. It took us millions of attempts using the multiple picture mode (I don't know what it is really called) but we finally got some good ones. This particular storm started at 4:00 pm and lasted non-stop until about 4:00 am! It was a wonder to behold!
That is the Draper Temple shinning in the night