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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Coming Down to the Wire

**Disclaimer: I actually wrote this blog today! See I said that I was going to try and get better... baby steps!!

Not much to say this blog...

We are about 4 days away from our July 31st deadline of getting the nursery done and I think we might just make it happen. There are a few things we had to cut out due to some unexpected expenses, but for the most part this room is everything I imagined and Kylie is going to love it!

At our doctor appointment yesterday Jeff and I were getting each other psyched up saying that I was going to be fully dilated and ready to go. But, that however was not the case. I am 50% effaced and only a centimeter dilated. So maybe next week! But really, I’m only 36 weeks. I think it’s just wishful thinking that is making it seem like she could come any second now!

Sittin', Waitin', Wishin'

** Disclaimer: This blog was written at week 35!**

Hey, it’s me again… that horrible blogger that waits months and months and even trimesters between updates! Seriously though… I will get better, it may not be right away but I really do plan on keeping this thing current more often so that I don’t have such long posts again!

Yesterday Jeff had a follow-up appointment for his tonsillectomy at 3:30 and then our baby doctor appointment at 4:15. Naturally I was freaking out that we would be late to our baby appointment, especially if Jeff’s doctor was running late. What do you know, Jeff doctor was running 20 minutes late… great!! Well, we rushed through his appointment to rush off to our baby appointment only to sit in the waiting room for about an hour. Does it annoy anyone else that doctors schedule appointments at a certain time but are inevitably late? But heaven forbid if YOU are late to an appointment!! I was always taught to be 15 minutes early to everything. Direct quote from my Daddy-O, “if you’re not 15 minutes early, you’re 15 minutes late.” So when doctors are late it drives me crazy!! Anyway, we finally got in to see the doctor.

Kylie is still thriving and loving life in my belly. She is ginormous and has a healthy heart rate (140 bpm just like every other appointment). I’m 35 weeks now and she is measuring equivalent to 37 weeks. She has always measured 2 weeks bigger than “normal” so maybe, fingers crossed, I won’t have to stick it out all the way to August 24th! The doc checked to make sure she was still head down, sure enough she was. And the best part, though I thought she was still riding high, she has dropped and is sitting very low in my pelvis… does that mean a quick labor?? I hope so!! When he told me she was very low I questioned him because I constantly feel her way up high and I can’t eat nearly as much as I used to. So he felt around and said that she was up high too. Apparently, this stinker doesn’t like the fetal position. Like her dad, she likes to be completely stretched out from head to toe!

I’m doing great. I’ve gained a total of 18 pounds this pregnancy, which is a little below normal but nothing to be concerned about! I’ve learned to manage my heart thing and just try to ignore it when it happens. I just recently stopped going to physical therapy because my back pain has subsided. All in all I feel great… really!

Update of the nursery…

We’ve been working on the nightstand and the changing table. We are painting them white to match the rest of the furniture. For my birthday I got the glider and ottoman. It is so comfy and I can’t wait to rock our angel to sleep in it! Other than those big things, I’ve just been making small little crafts to decorate the room. I can’t wait for it to be finished so I can show off all the pictures!! Soon my friends… very soon!! I hope to have the nursery finished by July 31st, we are getting down to the wire and I need to step up the pace!

Other things that have happened since my last blog…

I love July in Utah!! I said that last year and I’m saying it again! To start off the month Jeff went on a hike up Little Cottonwood Canyon which he loved and can't wait to go back once all the snow melts. Yeah, you heard right, he had to turn around because there was too much snow on the trail and he couldn't figure out where the trail was. He said he would have just kept going but I was already freaking out that he would get lost and he knew I would be very upset if he wasn't home in the time he said he would be home. (So many people have gotten lost this year here in Utah, I was kinda panicky when he told me he wanted to go hiking!) After his hike we went to Provo to sit outside the stadium for Stadium of Fire, our yearly tradition. Remember last year when I had my brush with stardom? Well, nothing that exciting this time but we did have a great time! Jeff’s mom has wanted to go to Stadium of Fire forever so we invited her and Hans to sit outside with us to enjoy the music and see the fireworks. Nothing like being inside the stadium but still really fun! Well, as we were waiting for the show to start, someone from the event staff came up to us and offered us 3 tickets. So Hans and Rhonda got to go in and see Brad Paisley! I’m glad they were able to go inside and enjoy it! On the 4th, we went to our friend’s house for swimming then joined Jeff’s parents for a BBQ. After the BBQ we rejoined our friends and went to the Sandy City fireworks. Last week was Draper Days, so we went to the rodeo -- my first one by the way, the festival, and to the horse pull! All very fun, probably more fun when you’re not pregnant but still much better than sitting around the house! And finally, a very nice family in our ward gave us a window air conditioner… HEAVEN!! Jeff installed it last week. He built a whole frame for it and everything. I wish I had taken pictures but he did it so fast that by the time I thought to get out the camera he was already done! What a good man!

Jeff and I were talking last night that in 5 weeks our life is going to change forever, over night, wither we’re ready for it or not! What an exciting adventure and we are getting so anxious to meet this little girl that has completely consumed our lives for the past 35 weeks! We love her so much and we don’t even know her yet!


** Disclaimer: I wrote this blog post at week 28! Label me the worst blogger ever… I don’t mind… it’s the truth!***

Wow! It has been so long since I have updated the blog. Everyday I think to myself, “I really need to get on it,” but then I lay down and usually take a nap and forget about it!

Anyway, you are probably wondering about the numbers above. No we didn’t change our phone number; that is the appointment schedule we have left. One more 4 week appointment, two 2 week appointments, and 4 one week appointments! That makes it seem so close and we have so much left to do! However, I have the whole month of July off, so hopefully I can get everything on our list done at that time!

Over the last eight weeks we have been really busy. I say that every post but really this time I’m serious! Since the last post we have installed a new plug in our bathroom, a new plug in the hallway (this way we can have a nightlight to see as we stumble into the nursery to appease little Kylie when she begins to cry), and installed a dimmer in the nursery. Our apartment is about 900 years old; when it was built they didn’t install a fan in the bathroom so it gets really moldy in there during the winter when we can’t open the window to let the moisture out. So Jeff tore apart most of the walls, removed all of the mold, resealed the bath tub and shower, resealed the window and the baseboards, then painted. Let me tell you, it looks SO much better and I love the new colors we have gone with. We also bought a hideous and stinky dresser off our local classifieds (KSL.com). Then Jeff aired it out, cleaned it, painted it and added new knobs, it looks amazing!! We also painted the nursery. I say we in all these DIY projects but really most of it is Jeff’s doing. I get started then I get impatient and just want it to be done so I leave and let Jeff finish just in time for me to come back and say, “wow, we did such a great job!” Also, my sweet Daddy-O bought Kylie Bug her crib so we assembled that after we painted and slowly but surely the nursery is coming along. All the pictures of the nursery will be in a special post soon.

As for Kylie, she is one happy healthy baby! At our last appointment she was measuring really tall. This makes sense. Remember in our 20 week ultrasound she had really long legs that put her arriving 2 weeks early. Well, she’s still all legs apparently! And man can I feel those legs, they are long and strong!

As for my health, I had to drink the nasty glucose drink last appointment and really it wasn’t all that bad! A little thick, but I love orange Fanta so, I just pretended I was drinking Fanta and it went down pretty easily. I was only 4 points away from failing the test however, so they told me to stay away from sugars during the pregnancy… yeah right!! Now for the part I didn’t want to share with anyone but since this is a log to help us remember our life, I guess I should be honest. I have tried to hide the fact that my pregnancy hasn’t been all roses and I think I’ve done a good job but again I must be honest. So, over the last two months I have noticed that my heart wasn’t quite right. About 3-4 times a day it will jump up to around 115-120 bpm. Which is scary and knocks me on my butt for a good half hour until it slows back down to my normal 55-60. So I talked to my doctor about it. He said this is normal for pregnant women to have their heart rate jump up so high because of all the extra mass they carry around. However, he said they usually get these bouts 1-2 times a week not 3-4 times a day. He said I might be dehydrated or hypoglycemic and told me to drink some water and eat some candy (which is funny since they also told me to stay away from sugars!) while I’m having those problems. He said if it didn’t get better that he would refer me to a cardiologist. Well, it didn’t get better, so off to a cardiologist I went. He put a 24 hour heart monitor on me to track my heart rate. After reading the results, it turns out I have an arrhythmia and that my heart is too strong. He said that most people have this arrhythmia but don’t feel it. He said that since my heart was so strong I was actually feeling it. So, all-in-all, it’s a good bad thing!! Another problem I’ve been having is extreme back pain. I have loose joints, which means it doesn’t take much for my joints to slip in and out of their sockets and with the increase of the pregnancy hormone relaxin- which causes joints to relax to allow the baby to pass through easier- it only makes my loose joints worse. So naturally, I screwed up my back before I was pregnant and with the added weight it’s only getting worse. My left hip is shifted and sits about an inch and a half back causing the surrounding muscles and nerves to be inflamed and smooshed, for lack of a better term. So every day I wake up feeling as though I have spent 15 hours gardening and it doesn’t get any better throughout the day! I have these killer pains that shoot down my sciatic nerve all day and there’s nothing we can do about it. I have been going to physical therapy twice a week which has helped the muscle pain but the nerve pain is just getting worse. So, pretty much I feel like a total hypochondriac and that is why I didn’t want anyone to know of the pains I’m having, but again I must be honest!

Sorry for such a long post but it has been almost an entire trimester since I’ve updated so it’s like 3 updates in one… get over it!! I can’t believe we only have 10 weeks left! We can’t wait!! She has such a personality already and we can’t wait to see it in person!!