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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weekends Are The Best!

**** Updated post with new pictures****
I have decided that weekends are the best for many reasons. A: Jeff loves making me breakfast on the weekends! B: We get to sleep in. C: We get to do fun things together ALL day!! Not just from 4-10!

The past few weeks have been no exception. Two weeks ago we went to some friends house to watch the BYU game... which was a bust! This is going to be a LLLOOONNNGGG rebuilding season! Needless to say we lost. But Jeff and I were able to boost our spirits by going to see The Lion King at Capitol Theater thanks to mom and dad for their awesome birthday present for me. I have wanted to see The Lion King since it came to LA over 10 years ago, so when I heard it was coming to Utah I told mom and she jumped on it to get us tickets for my birthday! Gotta love her! Copy Of The Handbill We Got At The Show

Jeff and I both got sick over that week with a head cold so we stayed in for most of the week but once Saturday rolled around we knew we had to get out of the house!! So we...

...went to check out Jeff super secret work. Well we were only aloud to go to the parking lot but it was still cool for me to see where the man of my dreams spends 40 hours of his week! I can now picture where he is when he calls me from work!
Picture of Jeff's Work from the Internet

Then it was free admission day at all National Parks so we decided we would head to Utah Valley and go see Timpanogos Caves! I always thought the hike was going to be a simple little jont up and back down. FALSE it was difficult! Maybe because I was still getting over my head cold and I couldn't breathe out of my nose, or maybe it's because I'm insanely out of shape, but that was a tough hike! However; it was worth it! The caves were incredible and the hike back down was lovely!
Jeff and I "found" our own "cave"

After the hike we drove over to Thanksgiving Point for their Harvest Festival to see the giant pumpkins. I was impressed but Jeff said the ones in Half Moon Bay in California are bigger. Maybe when we move back he'll have to show me! But as for now I am impressed! While at the festival we tried some Beeffalo, a cross between a cow and a buffalo, and actually it was pretty good. The guy selling it said it is better for you than chicken, turkey, or fish. I was skeptical about that claim but it was good to the taste. They don't sell it in stores so that will probably be the last time we try it... oh well!Jeff with one of the big pumpkins
Lyndsey with the biggest pumpkin

Then we finished off the day with the BYU game... disaster again!! All I have to say is that Bronco needs to take over his defense again and ditch the offensive coordinator then we might have a chance with such a young team!!

Well, overall weekends are where its at! Jeff and I are excited for this weekend since it's time again for General Conference! We love the two weekends a year where we can listen to the Prophet and his counselors.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Weddings, Festivals, and Birthdays

This past week we had my parents come and visit us for a whole week! It was a ton of fun and very eventful.

On Thursday when they got here we met Shannen and Josh and their respective families for a "rehersal" dinner at Chuck-A-Rama. Then went to Kathy and Gary's for a fun family get together before the big wedding.

Friday morning we had to be at the temple by 11:30 for the sealing of Josh and Shannen. It was beautiful! After the sealing we took group/bridesmaids/groomsmen/family pictures. Then we sent the others away and strolled around temple square to take pictures of just Shannen and Josh. What a beautiful couple! Josh's parents held a luncheon for close family and friends at the Joesph Smith Memorial Building then we were whisked away to The Old Meeting House for the reception. I just have to say that the year of planning was worth it! They had a beautiful wedding and reception!
On Saturday we went to the world famous-kinda- Swiss Days. It's an arts and crafts festival that is actually worth going to! The entire tiny town of Midway, UT is taken over for this festival! I loved all the crafts I just wish we were rich enough to buy something. Oh well maybe next year! We went to Cafe Rio for dinner that night. Mom had been craving that since the last time she was here. Sadly she didn't get a good meal so she was disappointed and Dad didn't really care for his meal either. Oh well, we tried!

Sunday we went to church and our little CTR 4's were as cute as ever! Then Mom and I made a wonderful dinner of chicken, stuffing, yams, and broccoli. YUM!
Monday was Dad's birthday so we took him to This Is The Place Historical Monument. He likes that kind of stuff so we thought it would be perfect. Turns out we all had a great time! We haven't spent time together as a family since we went to Hawaii in 2005, so it was good to get that quality time with them! We went to Goodwood BBQ for Dad's birthday dinner then came home to open presents! Overall, I think Dad had a wonderful 66th birthday!
On Tuesday we drove down to Provo to take some family pictures. My friend Janica is a great photographer and she took our pictures for us. (Check her out at www.janicalarae.com) Then we went to Creamery on 9th for dinner and dessert. We love it when my parents come to visit us because they take us out to dinner nearly every night! Which equals no cooking for me and no dishes for Jeff. It really is a win-win for everyone! Then we went to Justin's apartment in Provo. It's a pretty nice place, there's 28 stairs to get to it, but it's nice.
Wednesday was their last day so we took it easy and just hung out at the house until Jeff got home. Then we went to see Avatar in IMAX 3D at Jordan Commons. My parents hadn't seen it before and we all thought it would be their kind of movie. And it was. They both loved it.

This past week has been so much fun having my parents and Justin around. I wish we all lived closer to each other but for now we'll just have to settle for the visits every few months! We love our family and can't wait to see them again at Christmas.