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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Babies R Us

Well after a year and a half of pills, blood tests, shots, doctors appointments, tests, procedures and many disappointing pees on a stick; Jeff and I can now happily tell the world that we are parents! We are about 12 weeks along and due on August 24th. We found out on December 18th and haven’t stopped smiling since!

We told my family on Christmas Eve with the gift to end all gifts. We bought my dad a baby bib that says, “I love Grandpa” Upon opening it his jaw dropped and for the first time my dad was speechless. All he could get out was, “…are you, … are you, … are you pregnant?” Jeff and I both responded with an exuberant, “YES!” He was so excited and kept telling us that we are going to have a girl. He said he gets a feeling every night that we are going to have a girl. I guess we will just have to wait for another 8 weeks to find out.

We blurted the news to Jeff’s parents on his dad’s birthday. They were equally excited and thrilled that after all our sadness we have finally found our joy.

One of the last conversations I had with my mom after we told her what was happening with her was about our future family. She couldn’t really respond but I knew she could hear and understand what I was telling her. I told her that I knew the reason I wasn’t getting pregnant was that she wouldn’t be around or really capable to hold or play with our babies and that Heavenly Father had a plan in mind. I told her I knew He was taking her from us so that she could have a chance to play with, hold, and love our babies. I told her that she could play with them all she wanted but as soon as she was done she needed to send them our way. I told her I’m not going to stress or worry about getting pregnant anymore because I knew she would send our bundle of joy down when it was the right time. Well, she must’ve thought it was the right time because we got pregnant that very next month!

You are probably asking yourself, “why in the world have they waited so long to tell us?!” That my good friends is a simple answer. All her life my mom had irregular periods… just like me, she had a very hard time getting pregnant… just like me, she had PCOS… just like me, and once pregnant she had a hard time not miscarrying… so if the trend was to continue, logic would say that I would have the same problem. My doctor agreed with us that it was probably smart to wait until after the first trimester when miscarriage rates drop to less that 1%. Though he said he is 99.9% positive we could tell people and be fine, we decided to take the safe route and avoid the hurt of having to excite our friends and family just to let them down. So we have waited until after our 12 week appointment to share the news. I hope that didn’t offend anyone but it was what Jeff and I both thought was the right thing to do.

Luckily, the first trimester hasn’t been very hard on me. I’ve had my days when the sheer thought of getting out of bed has caused intense emotional torment. But all in all, it’s been pretty easy. Instead of experiencing what most people think of “morning sickness” as, I’ve been experiencing the complete opposite. I have been eating Jeff out of house and home. Our grocery bill has seriously skyrocketed! I’m also extremely tired. I’ll get home from work and sleep for a few hours, wake up just in time to eat the dinner Jeff has so graciously prepared for me, then go back to sleep, wake up to the bowl of ice cream Jeff has already scooped and then head to bed. (I live a pretty exciting life!) As mentioned, Jeff has been so extremely helpful, kind, understanding and everything else that fits in the thesaurus entry for AMAZING!

So please, join with us in our excitement as we celebrate everyday Baby Boo Bop keeps us smiling!