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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Boy Oh Boy!!

That’s right… at our 16 week ultrasound today our doctor was in a very good mood (his excuse… it’s Mardi Gras!) and offered us a sneak peek at Baby Boo Bop!! First we went through all the normal things of a typical check-up. Blood pressure – good, Fetal heart beat – good, Fetal growth – good, Questions – none, then he sent us in to get the ultrasound!! Now you must remember that this is only week 16 but it was pretty obvious once Baby Boo Bop got a move on and flipped around. It seems this is going to be one shy/private baby!! It took a while before they could get a good shot between the legs. And the results are… this baby is going to be a … (dramatic drum roll please…)


Yup, we are having a baby girl in August!! We were both so in shock! I think it finally hit both of us today that we are actually having a baby, a real life human being!! Of course we are so thrilled about the news!! When we told my dad he was like, “see I told you it was a girl!” Hans and Rhonda, Jeff’s parents, were both so excited as well! Rhonda was screaming, “IT’S A GIRL, IT’S A GIRL!”

On a side note I guess I should update you on how the last four weeks have been. I finally am starting to look pregnant and not just like a fat lady, which is so nice. I don’t think I’ll be asked at school as much by a little first grader if I’m pregnant or fat – that’s a bonus- feel good moment!! My jeans are getting harder and harder to button. Luckily about 2 years ago I was at Khol’s and saw a pair of jeans for $1, yeah a buck!! So I bought them. Turns out when I got home they were a size too big for me! I always kept them thinking, “I bet one day I’m going to be fat, I should keep these!” Sad that I have lived up to that expectation but it’s all for a great reason, so I don’t even mind!

As most of you know my first trimester was a piece of cake. No real problems, just hunger and fatigue. The second trimester has been VERY tough to say the least! The first week of the second trimester I had a horrible cold that seemed like it lasted a lifetime. That following weekend we had a teeny tiny miscarriage scare that of course we blew way out a proportion, it was really nothing but seemed very real to us! Then that Tuesday, sometime while I was at work I got a headache. Seemed normal at first but by Thursday when it didn’t go away we decided to call the doc. He prescribed me some pills and said that if it didn’t go away I should go into the ER to get a morphine shot. Of course, those pills didn’t touch this massive headache, so Friday was spent in the ER getting test after test after test! The worst was when I had to sign the paper saying that the hospital wasn’t responsible for any radiation the baby might come in contact with!!! SCARY!!! That was a hard paper to sign! But my doctor reassured us that the CT scans they have now use only ¼ of what they used to and it was safe. He said if it wasn’t safe there would be no way he would let his patient have one, that is reassuring!! Well, a day in the ER, a few tests and morphine shots later, still no relief. By Monday when it still wasn’t gone Jeff and I decided to get a massage. Can I just say, HEAVEN!! And finally after a complete week of a throbbing head, Tuesday morning I woke up to no headache. I mean, they still come and go but are much more manageable now!

This weekend we decided it would be a great weekend to start figuring out the nursery. We have been storing some of our bedroom furniture in the spare bedroom and thought it’s time to get that in our room. So, Jeff got to it early Saturday morning, moving all our bedroom furniture around trying to figure out the best spot for each piece. It finally looks good, a little cramped, but good! We also made our first baby purchase! We wanted to wait until we knew the sex of the baby before we bought anything big so we stuck to the small stuff! We bought BOOKS!! Our child is going to be so literate!! Especially with such titles as, Bubbles, Bubbles and Fun at the Zoo!

It seems as though not much has been happening but we do stay busy most days doing something for Baby Boo Bop!! And now that we know it’s a girl I can start with all the crafts I have in mind!!

We have 24 weeks left before we meet this beautiful angel, I wish time would hurry up but I am so grateful for this time we have to prepare and make everything perfect for her!