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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kylie's Birth Story

If you were to glance down at the last blog entry you would see that it says August 19, 2011. Sad Depressing that I have not updated our wonderful friends and family on the events surrounding our life. So the post and the ones to follow will be an overload of our life over the last 7 months.

**Disclaimer: This is Kylie’s birth story!**

We started the weekend out with my pregnancy pictures that my good friend Shannen took for us on Saturday, August 20th. We climbed all over the backcounrty of Alta Ski Resort to get these amazing pictures. When we got home from taking the pictures I was exhausted and decided to take a nap. FOUR HOURS later when I woke up I noticed that things were a little wet down there. But being a first time mommy, I didn’t know what to expect. So, I thought, “well I’ll just change and wait for my doctor appointment on Tuesday.” I then continued to make dinner and go throughout the night. By the time bed time came around, and I had changed clothes multiple times, I figured something was just not right. So I called the hospital to see what they had to say. They told me to call my on call doctor and ask her what she thought. She told me to go to the hospital and get checked to see if my water had broken. Jeff and I had pre packed our hospital bag the night before so we decided to throw that and the carseat in the car just in case.

When we arrived at the hospital they took me back to a room, did a litmus test, and sent it to the lab. Who knew it would take 2 hours to get the results. Results: My water had indeed broke. They sent Jeff to the admitting office and put me on monitors. We called my dad to give him the heads up so he could get a head start on the long 9 hour drive to be there shortly after the birth. Then the wait began. This was about 1 in the morning. Every 45 minutes they would come in and tell me that I needed to get up and walk around to get things going. I had to make laps around the hospital for thirty minutes then I could relax for 45. After all that, I had progressed… oh wait no I didn’t. By 6 o’clock in the morning I still had not progressed at all. I was still stuck at a one. The nursing staff and the OCD (on call doctor) decided that my water had not in fact broke but I was getting close, they were getting ready to send me home if I didn’t progress after one more walk. Another phone call was made to my dad to tell him we were just kidding and that he still had a while. He had just left his house so he turned around and went home. Now it was time for more walking. The nurse came in and told me to stay awhile and that when the OCD came in at 8 she would check me to make sure my water really hadn’t broke. So another two hours of walking around aimlessly. When the doctor came in she checked and sure enough my water had broke. Another call made to my dad and this time he was coming no matter what. Because, I still hadn’t progressed AT ALL they put me on pitocin. This meant I couldn’t walk around anymore but instead wait it out in the hospital bed. I need to make a disclaimer, during this time I was not feeling contractions at all and in fact the only way I knew I was having them was the monitor told me so. So, really, the only discomfort was the uncomfortable hospital bed, having a whale swimming around in me, and monitors placed strategically on my belly. So we waited and waited and waited. NOTHING. Every so often they would come check me again and still 1 cm. By one in the afternoon, I was still at a one and Jeff was starving, we knew nothing was going to happen so I sent him to Wendy’s to get some lunch. As he was gone I felt it… my water had finally broke all the way. As soon as that rush came so did the pain. OH man did the pain come. I was laying on my side so I couldn’t reach the nurses button, I resulted to just screaming. Apparently, those rooms are sound proof because NO ONE heard me. I was finally able to reach my phone to call Jeff. Through the screams he realized what was going on and hurried back to the hospital. The nurse finally came in and helped me out. We got things cleaned up and called the anesthesiologist, which was contrary to what I wanted through my whole pregnancy, I was sure I could do it with out drugs… ha ha ha yeah right! So, in went the epidural. As that huge needle was going into my back Jeff walked in the door and freaked out thinking, “what are they doing to my wife.” We explained and with 10 minutes or so the pain was gone. By about 2 o’clock in the afternoon, once things settled down, the nurse checked me again. In one hour I had jumped from 1 cm to 4! I finally felt like things were going my way! So, we waited again. By 4 o’clock I had jumped to 7cm and by seven I was finally at 10. The nurse, my third since I was admitted, said that she was going to go call the doctor, do a few things, and at 7:30 she would come in and we’d start pushing. But by 7:15 I was ready and this baby was coming. Jeff called the nurse in and we got started.

Our angel was born at 8:20 pm on August 21. She was 8 pounds 2 ounces and 20.5 inches long. Perfectly healthy, not so happy at first but has been all smiles ever since.

After her birth the doctor asked the nurse to up the pitocin to get all the after birth out. That’s when she noticed something, the nurse I had in the morning had forgotten to take the cap off the pitocin. Meaning I hadn’t received any pitocin the entire day! Meaning my 26 hour labor was prolonged for no reason! Though this seems bad, it really was a blessing in disguise for many reasons:

1. My dad was able to make it all the way from California and be waiting in the waiting room to be one of Kylie’s first visitors!

2. My doctor, whom I love, was on vacation at the time I started labor. He was able to make it back from Tahoe to be at my delivery! He said that he had just dropped his family off at their house and rushed over. He asked me to forgive him for being in shorts and flip flops. I asked him to forgive me for making him come deliver instead of resting. I know that drive and it’s a beast! I wouldn’t want to go into work right after that 8 hour drive!

3. I was able to have the really good nurse at my delivery, instead of the nurse I had at the beginning!

4. I was the only patient delivering that day so we received a lot of help!

I’m sure there were many unseen blessings that I didn’t realize. All I know is that I love Alta View Hospital, the nurses, the doctors, and all the staff. They make you feel like their world revolves around you. Which, for a first time mom, is the best thing ever!

I can’t believe it’s been seven months since our lives were turned upside down forever. We are so very blessed to have such an angel! She has driven us through a roller coaster of emotions, tears of happiness and frustration, laughter, confusion, joy, and pride! She is so smart and so intrigued by everything. Her smile has always lit up the room from when it was just a small smirk, to a sideways grin, once she got her first tooth and now her very toothy beam. We love her so much and miss her when she’s sleeping, we are so proud of her and how strong she is, she is our life and our purpose.

The long wait!

Our smiley girl!

Daddy and Kylie right after she was born

Wait, something seems wrong here. That's my hospital bed! Poor Daddy, he had a tiny cot to sleep on the four nights we were there. I was generous enough to let him nap in my comfy bed.

Kylie's First Day Home


Chris and Christina said...

Finally the story :) I love it and you have such a cutie pie that I definitely need to meet and soon :)

courtney wightman said...

that picture of jeff in your bed is CLASSIC!