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Friday, August 19, 2011

Ba Ba Ba Ba... The Big Reveal

This room is what has consumed my mind for the last 9 months... which is good because now that it's done I AM BORED OUT OF MY MIND!!!!

So here's how I'm going to do this extremely long post of pictures... first will be a picture of each wall in her room, second is close-ups on the cute things I've been making, and third are the things I still want to do! YAY!!This is the north wall... we aren't supposed to paint the walls, but we did it anyway... shhhh don't tell Nelson!! However, we were too afraid to paint the closet doors so just ignore the hideous doors... oh and the really old, teal carpet! The rest is cute I promise!!This is the east wall. South wallWest wall

Ok now for all the close-ups and bragging of how amazing decent I am at crafting!These are frames that say "Hope" "Love" and "Believe"
These are the book slings I made. They are low enough for her to come and grab whichever book she wants Daddy or I to read to her.This is the glider, it's green... I didn't make it, Wal-Mart did, but I did make the pillow.This picture is showing the nightstand that Jeff painted and refurbished This is the crib skirt I made... twice... I measured wrong the first time!This is the changing table which we got off KSL and Jeff painted it white to match the rest of the furniture.The shelf I painted, the "LOVE" blocks I made and my baby shower scrapbook one of my friends made me.
This is the valence I made, with Jeff's help in the construction of it. I bought the curtains from Ikea because it was going to be $30 to make but only $3.99 to buy... there's a no brainer!Painted shelf, "K-Y-L-I-E", birdhouse, and flower potsLady Bugs and flower potA closer look at the lady bugs that I painted to match the crib set.Temple block I made and a really cute giraffe given to her by her awesome cousins!The dimmer light Jeff put in!The wreath I made that hangs on the front of Kylie's door.

Next will be the things I didn't get to because... well you'll see
There you have it! I love this room and I already have spent many hours in it sitting on the glider just waiting and wishing her to be here! We have 5 days till our due date but I'm beginning to think we will go over... only time will tell!


Chris and Christina said...

yay yay yay i LOVE it! I love all things little girl, it's so cute. Well done on all the homemade stuff (you are becoming so crafty!!). Can't wait to see this little girl!

Michael and Kendra Taylor said...

Love it! So cute! You are so crafty.

Mandi Snider said...

Just saying you are amazing and I would love to hire you when we have our first! I am not that creative!

Shawnanana said...

Oooh I love it all! So cute!