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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Coming Down to the Wire

**Disclaimer: I actually wrote this blog today! See I said that I was going to try and get better... baby steps!!

Not much to say this blog...

We are about 4 days away from our July 31st deadline of getting the nursery done and I think we might just make it happen. There are a few things we had to cut out due to some unexpected expenses, but for the most part this room is everything I imagined and Kylie is going to love it!

At our doctor appointment yesterday Jeff and I were getting each other psyched up saying that I was going to be fully dilated and ready to go. But, that however was not the case. I am 50% effaced and only a centimeter dilated. So maybe next week! But really, I’m only 36 weeks. I think it’s just wishful thinking that is making it seem like she could come any second now!

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Chris and Christina said...

I LOVE your haircut. It looks super cute. What a beautiful mommy to be! Let's get this cute baby girl here soon so Golden can play with her!